IPS CAP Touch Screen Monitor

IPS Touch Screen Monitor

IPS touch screen display, ranging in size from 7 inches to 23.8 inches. It is mainly used in automotive industry and industrial equipment display interaction. The surface of touch screen is Ag treated, which can be used in strong light without being affected.

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10.1 inch IPS Touch Screen Monitor

Support size

7 inch
10.1 inch
12 inch
15 inch
17 inch
19 inch
21.5 inch

IPS Touch Screen Monitor

customized materials specially designed for industrial applications, good dust prevention, surface waterproof, high and low temperature resistance, meeting the service environment in different regions
AG anti glare glass
10.1 inch IPS Touch Screen Monitor

AG anti glare glass

AG anti glare glass is made by special chemical process, which is characterized by changing the reflective surface of the original glass into a matte diffuse reflective surface. It can blur the influence of reflection, prevent glare, reduce the reflectance and reduce light and shadow. Anti glare product surface anti-corrosion
Strong scratch resistance. Combined with the video imaging screen, it can form a transparent anti glare and anti reflection screen, solve the problems of reflection and glare of electronic video screen and image screen under the environmental light source, and improve the image quality. This effect remains unchanged from a large perspective.

touch monitor with panel

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15.6 all in one pc

test Game Touch Monitor IR

We guarantee that every product has been strictly tested, and we guarantee that every product arriving in the client is perfect.

Test the appearance of the product, the LED light, the display has no bad point, whether the touch screen works is good, and checks if there is a screw, the touch screen and the compatibility of the various gaming machine hosts.

Pay attention to test results analysis/ The results of the test are the critical phase of the test. Through the collection and analysis of these results, they can help subsequent products are optimized.


Product features: waterproof, highlight, capacitive touch screen, resistive touch screen, customized mounting hole position.